Use as student management

We sponsor students and get them to several schools. We want to manage our students’ information and keep them in a database. Add their personal and educational information, grades for each subjects etc. Can i do all this with Suite CRM?
2, Is Suite CRM only for developers? I only know basic html


Yes, you can use SuiteCRM for Student management. You can do it, Suitecrm is not only for developers but maybe you need its help.

Hello @shegertech and welcome to the community :smiley:

SuiteCRM has also been made for case like yours :

The Perfect CRM for the Education Sector

Within the education sector, students are the customer. Utilise SuiteCRM to understand, retain and serve them better to gain a competitive edge over other institutions.

It has many many features that I think will fit your needs.

Rest assured, SuiteCRM is easily accessible to all, no developing skill required thanks to Studio or Workflows (two things that you should meet on your way to master SuiteCRM) — at least if your exigencies aren’t too particular, like integrations with third-party applications… so keep in mind that you might require some help from a professional SuiteCRM developer in the future.

For your information, SuiteCRM is mainly developed in PHP and is a software fork of SugarCRM.

That being said, you should mostly find your happiness within the SuiteCRM Community forum and tutorials available on other platforms.

SuiteCRM propose great documentation that will help you start using it (don’t forget to take a look at the Administrator Guide as well) :

A useful link found on this forum :

The following links may propose paid consultancy but it is not required, SuiteCRM is an open-source software and you achieve do most of the work by yourself :

I’m building one use case right now for a client that offers admissions counselling for various schools. They keep student data and offer them various services in regard to admissions. We went through discovery session and SuiteCRM with a few modifications works well (some of the features you will need some developer skill). For example, I just spent all day trying to work out how to related leads to other leads and have that relationship carry through on conversion to a contact. (This is relatives who are also leads or future leads as they come of age).

Thank you,
1, which module should i use for this? I also want to add other form fields on the account. Like student image, gender, date of birth and different other checkbox fields. How can i add them?
2, I also want to display the grades of the total students with graph, Like show how many students got more than 80, 90, etc of the subjects, Is this possible?

SuiteCRM is free to use. Also you can customize as you wish. For that there is some customization you can you from the front end interface. Things like adding custom fields, creating custom modules, custom roles and groups can be done from Studio. Some functionality can be added from Workflow. For some more in-dept customization, you need to have some programming knowledge to be able to add and modify your code.

The links provided above should help you to get starting. If you have questions, you can ask here. The community is good responding most of the questions.

Thanks for the information!

Welcome James. I’ve setup a few installations for Education use. It does require a fair bit of customizations, but the Workflow module makes registration data collections and notifications of acceptance, grades, etc. a real time saver. Plus, you can use the contact record as kind of a student dashboard where all the info about a student is right there on the screen.

If you make any videos or if you have videos on it. Please share with us!