Use a workflow condition to populate another field


I wonder if someone could help me with this please.

We are configuring a system to use in our recruitment business and one of the areas on the eucation section requires us to enter the number of UCAS points that have been achieved. We want to calculate the UCAS points when the A Level grade is selected.

What I envisage is that we have a series of text boxes where each ‘A’ level is entered. Next to this is a drop down containing the grade which when selected, populates a third field with the corresponding number of UCAS points.

Finally, a field underneath that calcuates the total number of UCAS Points.

English A 120
Biology B 100
Mathematics C 80


And so on…

Is this possible in the way I am thinking? Can anyone explain how I can make this work?

Thank you.


You can make it so that, when a record is saved, the “points” field is automatically filled by a Workflow by using the “Modify Record” action, I have attached an example of how you could do this. However, this would require multiple Workflows.

A more clean way of doing this, and also allowing for a “Total” field that can be calculated, would require some custom Logic Hooks to be made.


Thank you so much for your reply. I figured that there would be multiple work flows when you are listing potentially 3 or 4 A levels and the various permutations of their grades. I’ll see how I can achieve this.

Not sure how to do logic hooks but perhaps I will investigate this too.

Thanks again, greatly appreciated.

If anyone can point me in the direction of any appropriate tutorial on logic hooks I’d also appreciate it.


I wrote a post yesterday with a very brief walkthrough of how to create the appropriate files:Here

A similar tutorial for getting started can be found here:

There is also decent help on the SugarCRM website:

Hopefully these help!