I’m using SuiteCRM for my own small business, and I am trying to figure out the “right way” in using it. I am creating costomers and potential new customers as Accounts, and their employees as Contacts. This part works great.

Next I am creating a Call so i can plan a call and later write down some notes of the discussion with the contact i had (by editing the call, and marking it later as Outbound/Held. The call will be linked to Account, but i would also like to have it linked to the Contact somehow. This i have unfortunatley not figured out how i should do it? I suspect that this could be done by adding the contact as an Invitee, but then again i don not want the contact to get any kind of emails.

I wonder now that is my workflow completely wrong? Should it be done in an other way so that i can keep track on what i have done, and also be able to plan in advance on what i should do…

Hi Hertell,

Welcome to the forums and thanks for choosing SuiteCRM as your small business CRM solution.

A quick answer is simply ensure a Contact is related to a parent Account. The Meeting data/record will automatically relate to the parent record. It will show in the Activities subpanel of both the Contact and Account until the call is marked as held and then it will move to the respective History subpanels.

This is out of the box functionality and should be what you want to achieve if I had understood your requirement.

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P.S. as long as you don’t click ‘Save and Send Invites’ and don’t set up email reminders, the contact will not receive emails.

Thanks for your reply! It was exactly what i was looking for :slight_smile:

Now when i am testing, and i changed one planned phonecall that was linked to an accout to be linked to a contact that is under the same account, the call dissapeared from the Accunts activities (and was found under the contacts activities… Shouldn’t the planned phonecall be found under the account’s activities also?

I got this now solved:

  1. Create a call, link it to an account
  2. Add at the bottom of the page the contact as “Add Invitees”

Now both the contact and account is bound to the same call :slight_smile: