Url record / field

Hello guys,
i have an issue about using url in SuiteCRM.
I want to create a field with datatype URL so i can store a link in that field.
The link is supposed to take the user to a folder on the computer.
So i created a field with datatype url and i inserted the path that brings to that folder on the PC but it apparently doesn’t work.
Does anyone has a solution to this ?

These might be SuiteCRM issues you’re encountering, which wouldn’t surprise me because there is typically a lot of “clean-ups” of the data entered by the user, and any brackets or codes get thrown away. You can check if this is the case by seeing how the field looks in the database, after saved.

But note that even if SuiteCRM does what you want, you will still face some browser issues. Browsers don’t cooperate with that sort of thing, because they try to isolate your PC from the Internet to avoid any malicious actions by websites. Many years ago I built a solution like that and I think I had to use a Firefox add-on to do it. I don’t remember the details exactly, sorry.