URL in Email

Hello SuiteCRM Community !

I want to pass a URL for the meeting in the reminder. We have a workflow module that works against the schedulers. What i want is to pass the URL for the meeting, so that the recipient can actually click on the URL and go to the intended link for the meeting.

Thank you so much

just add $url to the template, you can also use $url as the url for link

i’m sending mail through entry point so in that case how to pass url link
here’s my code for sending mail

$accountBean = BeanFactory::getBean(‘Accounts’,$_REQUEST[‘id’]);
$name= $accountBean->name;
$email = $accountBean->email1;

	$emailObj = new Email();  
	$defaults = $emailObj->getSystemDefaultEmail();  
	$mail = new SugarPHPMailer();  
	$mail->From = $defaults['email'];  
	$mail->FromName = $defaults['name'];  
	$mail->Subject = 'Account Information';  
	$mail->Body ="Name: $name";  

	echo "Email Sent Successfully!!!!";


	echo "Email Not Sent";

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