'URL for Campaign Message' (tracker URLs) not updating even after changing 'site_url'

Hello all,

We have recently changed the domain for our SuiteCRM installation and found out that when we send an email campaign, the ‘URL for Campaign Message’ in our campaign tracker links are still pointing to the old domain.

We have changed ‘site_url’ in the config file and we also updated the .httaccess file to reflect the new domain but the problem still persists.

Any advice on how to resolve this would be much appreciated.

Thanks, best wishes, Asaf!

Hi and welcome!
Did you check the config_override.php too? Further, there is afaik a variable called host_name too, but I believe you’re correct to look into the site_url.

Thanks diligent we tried those things too to but no luck. However, for the benefit of anyone else who gets stuck on this - we eventually resolved the problem.

We also had to change a database value. I am paraphrasing but there was a field in the ‘config’ table (called ‘mass_email’ or something similar) that contained the old domain value. When we changed it to the new domain it worked perfectly.