Urgent - Currency in Quotation - not showing in PDF


I use multiple Currencies - conversions work fine, correct currencies show in Edit View/Detail View BUT they do not show at all in the PDF, and I quote in Australian $, New Zealand $ and US$ so it is important that we can show these correctly.

Any ideas?


I’m interested in this as it may be a potential issue for us, could you provide an example of what shows on the Quote when you print a pdf? Out of interest did you use and modify the standard template or have you created one from scratch?



I used and modified the standard template. This is what it looks like in the pdf , you can see that the % is also missing from the pdf, but in the detail view everything is perfect, see attachment

This is easily solved - just add $currencies_symbol in front of every amount that requires a currency.

Extra fields are available as required in the template creator in the area highlighted in the atachment.