Upper "Search" bar ?

I am new to SuiteCRM. I have my Contacts/Accounts imported.

In the upper Search bar, I try to search for a AccountName or Contact name , but filled in a certain name, it does not work, but see “Use Basic search”…
Basic search in Accounts or Contacts is working, but I thought the upperbar search is searching any field…

Is the upper bar “Search”(with Magnifying Glass) not searching for any occurrence of the filled in Name in Accounts or Contacts or any other Modules??

It should be searching all fields, or is it my problem here ?


(you are new to SuiteCRM? You have registered in 2015 and have 124 posts so far…)

You can check a few things about the global search:

  1. Are your scheduler jobs running, did you set them up in cron?

  2. Specifically, when you enter Admin / Schedulers / “Perform Lucene Index” and “Optimise AOD Index” does it say “Last run successfully” recently?

  3. Can you search for anything at all in the Global search and find? Or it fails always?

  4. Try with simple english names, no special characters

  5. The global search only indexes some fields, not all. You can configure which ones. But the name of contacts and leads should be available by default, if you’re using the normal fields (not custom).

Petrovlis reply: I have the Adm/scheduler sill in Virgin State all 13 mentioned not checked. Did not work with this Scheduler.

Tried with any standard word, in global search but no reation at all. e.g. I have Johnson & Co in Accounts, but searching for Johnson, not reply

See https://pgorod.github.io/Scheduler-Jobs/

Your cron jobs need to be running for Advanced Search to work. The jobs do the indexing of the data, and then after it is done, the search uses that information to display results.