Uploading Package never ends


I am trying to upload the 7.4.x to 7.6.10 package (step 2) in the upgrade wizard.

I have checked the file size and its a 9mb zip file, my server is configured for 50mb uploads…

The problem is that it just sits on the page saying its uploading the package, but it never ends…

I have a very fast internet connection, and would expect the upload to take just a few minutes … I have tried a number of different browsers as well, but they all do the same…

Anything I need to tweak or check ??

Thanks in advance…

Do you have all your permissions and file ownership set correctly?

Search the forum to solve those issues, if necessary.

Alternatively you can upload manually.
To do so, have a look here:

I have been able to do a few of the upgrades already via the upgrade wizard in the last 24 hours, so the permissions etc must be fine…

Any other tips ??


If you don’t set permissions correctly by hand in the first place they are not fine on linux machines. By definition because, in most cases, they are not the same as the default so you would find very valuable learning about permissions, which is one of the biggest issues found on SugarCRM and its forks