Uploading files

I couldn’t get access to files which are stored in “upload” folders due to these files are cached. Please anyone helps me !

You need to explain your problem better.

What are you trying to achieve? What do you mean “access”? From which computer (server? client?)? Using what link or connection? What happens when you try, do you get an error?


P.S.- and always say your version of SuiteCRM, please.

How to download picture or pdf document which you uploaded by button in EDIT FORM ?

I’m sorry, it makes no sense that I spend 3 minutes writing an answer and you spend 10 seconds writing yours, and neglect to answer my questions.

I’m sorry for lack of information.

  1. There is a folder “upload” which located on Server in ROOT.
  2. There is no error
  3. Version of Suite CRM 7.9.6
  4. when I upload file for example jpeg, pdf then I can’t get content

I mean “access” to download this picture

Pictures in the upload folder are only accessed through the SuiteCRM app, by a logged in user.

If you mean direct access, through a link (URL), from a user that is not logged in, then it can’t be done, for security reasons.

There are some cases where SuiteCRM uses the “public” directory, which should allow public access, for some items. An example of this is pictures included in emails (so that whoever receives it can see the images displayed in his email).

Pictures in the upload folder are only accessed through the SuiteCRM app, by a logged in user.
How can I do it? Please, could you describe me in detail

For example, if you upload a picture of a contact, then you go into that contact’s detail view, and click the picture.

But maybe it’s easier if you tell me what you’re trying to do, which module you’re working on, how the pictures were uploaded, etc.

I think you don’t feel comfortable with English. If you prefer spanish, french, or portuguese, go ahead.

Thank you for information=)

  1. http://sirajcrm.dyndns.org this is a link of my project

  2. Credentials
    login: admin
    password: 12345

  3. Then follow the link

  4. Then you can see at the bottom of the page button “Choose File” with a label “Certificate”

  5. if you click aforementioned button, you will have opportunity to upload file jpeg, pdf …

  6. Then I want to use this picture in order to put on pdf template
    Last item I can’t implement

if you have questions, Please ask me

Are you sure you want to post admin credentials online?..

Ok, I had a look at your system.

It seems what you want is to include a picture from a custom field attached to a Leads record in a PDF Template.

Can’t be done, not in a simple way. You would need some way of transferring the picture to the public folder first. Remember the CRM is supposed to protect the data you enter into it from being accessed from the Internet, not expose it. PDF Templates in SiuteCRM are essentially marketing tools, so they are oriented to be used externally.

Read this article in my blog to get a notion of how contact photos are stored. I think (but you’ll have to check) that your field will be stored in a similar way. Maybe you can add an after_save hook to copy the picture to the public folder, right after the user enters it, with a pre-set name that you can reference later.

But I can’t give you details on that, I never did something like that, you’ll have to figure it out by yourself.

Thank you for your help =)
I will try to implement this way
I’m very grateful to you =)