Uploading attachments not working

Recently, we are unable to upload documents over 500kb. It just hangs and times out. Any help would be helpful. Version 7.6.6
Sugar Version 6.5.23 (Build 1061)

Thanks, Tom


Sounds abit strange if it has only happened recently?

Has there been a change of server configuration? For example has your PHP settings been altered or you moved to a new host? Reason why is that this sounds like the limitation is on the server and not the instance.

Have a look at your php settings and see the following recommendations:

Navigate to the php.ini file on your web server and configure the parameters listed below in the Advanced section of the System Settings page of your current SuiteCRM installation:

Set post_max_size to at least 60MB
Set upload_max_filesize settings to at least 60MB
Set max_input_time to a large number
Set memory_limit to 256MB

Hello and thank you. Yes all of the php settings are correct. This issue is with even smaller files less than a meg.Larger files like 1-2 meg dont work at all…

We have a 60mb limit to accommodate upgrade packages.

Thanks, Tom

How about permissions in the uploads folder. what are they set to?

Have you looked at the PHP error logs to see anything there or in the SuiteCRM Debug log?

Do you have any customisations in that module?

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Not sure where the uploads folder is but since some files eventually get there id rule that out. not sure where or how to interpret logs so no but a good question.no custom modules that we are aware of. just sugar/suite. All we are trying to upload is an attachment to notes or attachment fields.

thanks again for your help but without any other ideas sugar/suite it is not so to speak