Upload file in listview not working

Hey guys,

so I added a custom field for file upload. Working great and I added it in a standard way in custom/ext/module vardefs and so on…

The field is working great, it creates a file in upload folder and everything is fine except I can’t upload the file in Listview. Check the video here:


I can upload from editview but not from listview :frowning:

Iam on 7.11.13.

Do you have any experience with this?

I would bet that there isn’t any code there to make this work from the List view in the first place.

When editing these fields, something is stored in the database (the file name) and something is done in the upload folder. The Edit view handles this, but the inline edit function (which you can use from the List view) doesn’t seem to handle this.

Some extra handling would be needed here, I think

Great didnt realize that :wink: Gonna test it!