upload_dir change on Windows OS


Since SuiteCRM is used to store some documents, we (and certainly many others) very much want that you can configure the upload_dir to, for example, a NAS share.
Unfortunately this is currently not possible to change the path. It works for documents, but not for mail attachments.
Please add this so you can change the path.
In addition, not everyone has 100 TB hard disks in the server…:wink:

Greetings Polymed

Can’t you do this with a symlink from Linux, so that SuiteCRM doesn’t even know where the files are going?

Oh sorry, I forgot the most important thing: the wish applies to a Windows system.

Ok, so define a Drive letter for that path, or make a JUNCTION which is the same as a Linux symlink.

Unless your Windows is really old, but I assume it isn’t.

Thanks for your help but we spent hours testing and fixing it. It always failed with an error message that the documents could not be saved.
I tried Windows shortcut, shortcut with mklink, drive letters, NAS network share, etc.
The whole paper see here:
SuiteCRM Forum entry from us

We are using Windows Server 2012 R2 (yes, we know that we will have to replace it soon…)
We would be very happy if you could change e.g. the upload_dir in the setup in the future if you want or if you can simply define it yourself and don’t have to enter it hardcoded in PHP.

greeting polymed

Ah, that link looks useful, I didn’t remember that discussion exactly.

So I don’t understand what is the required change in SuiteCRM code. Isn’t it just a matter of setting the upload dir like you said?


Hi pgr

But you’re right.

It is only difficult to write it correctly formatted in the PHP code because every path is different again.
I think at the moment at least a few testet examples in the documentation would be enough. Examples with Windows shortcut, UNC path to a network drive (e.g. Synology). Ev for other paths at MAC Server and Linux Server.
In the long run - as I said - it would be nicer/simpler to be able to select it during the installation.
I thought I’d write it in the wishbox so you can consider it.