Upgrading sometimes write changes to custom folder.

I thought files in the custom folder were upgrade safe?

In the latest upgrade it shows the message : Upgrade process will update some files but these files also exist in custom/ folder. Please review the changes before continuing:

Then there is a huge list of files.

There is no way i have the time to check all of them - as a result i have to chose not to upgrade or risk losing my custom changes!

What am i missing? Why is the upgrade attempting to re-write custom files?

You’re misreading the message:

The files will be changed in their original locations, not in “custom”. What it is warning you about is that, because you have matching files in “custom”, the updates in the original files won’t take effect. This might break things, because other files might be expecting these changes to take effect.

Your files won’t be overwritten, you’re just being warned that they might be superseding things you didn’t intend to supersede.

The “upgrade-safe” mechanism isn’t 100% automatic, because it can’t make miracles :slight_smile:

So my advice is to actually take the time to check those files, especially if they are big files with lots of code.

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ahh ok, i see :silly:

that’s going to take quite some time, and definitely prohibits me upgrading as often as i have been. Plus i’m not sure exactly what i’m looking for.

For example, the script output the following:-

include/InlineEditing/inlineEditing.js => custom/include/InlineEditing/inlineEditing.js

I haven’t created that custom file myself and whilst they appear to have the same content but there’s over 500 lines of code to check.

I can see that in the new version there is the line

“if($(”#inline_edit_icon").length) {"

In this case i think i should delete the custom file?

Can you recommend any software to compare the two files to flag differences?

If you’re using Linux compare using “diff” command, if you’re using Windows compare using Windiff, for example. I actually use Notepad++ with “Compare” plugin.

You can try removing any custom versions and checking if you lose any customized functionality that you know of.

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