Upgrading PHP


I do apologise if this has been mentioned in the past, I couldn’t find any information about this elsewhere. I am using a Linux Centos 7 machine.

I am attempting to upgrade from Version 7.6.6, Sugar Version 6.5.23 (Build 1061) to the latest version.

I have been able to get to Version 7.8.19, Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344) without too many issues but now I am unable to complete the final upgrade to the latest version due to my php being 5.4.9.

I have updated my php to PHP 7.0.30 but Suite still says “Minimum PHP Version 5.4.9. The recommended php version is 7.0.0 or above.” Is it possible someone can direct me in the right direction to update the php that Suite uses?

You can have more than one version of PHP on the same machine, it looks like SuiteCRM is still using the old one.

You can check this in Admin / Diagnostics, grab phpinfo, download the zip and look inside.

Thanks, that confirms i’m still using 5.4.9. Sorry if this is obvious but which should I change for Suite to use my updated php?
Configuration File (php.ini) Path
Loaded Configuration File

Thank you

Each PHP version will have its own php.ini file.

What you need to do is configure your web server to use the one you want. Google for answers to that (according to which server you’re using, I don’t know)