Upgrading from SugarCE 6.5.20 to SuiteCRM success and how to


I had a long time to figure out how to instal/convert from SugarCRM CE version.

It is not listed as something obvious.

What you do is go into the SUGAR CRM already installed.

Download the SugarCE Migration 6.5.x to SuiteCRM 7.1.5.zip from the downloads page. If you are a Mac user you will swear you head off because there is no link to right mouse click. Mac Safari automatically unzips .ZIP files, sensibly. I had to go into Safari Preferences, General, and uncheck “Open save files after downloading” to get the .ZIP file. You can use this file to upgrade the Sugar installation, in place.

Then you go into the Admin area and go to Upgrade Wizard, go through the steps until it asks for the ZIP file an upload it.

Migration went through perfectly! All the non operating functions were non operating after the upgrade.

I had to hack a new install into place at the command line, copy the config files and it all worked. That is beyond a simple install however.

Jim Forte

Thanks for your contribution/step by step guide!