Upgrading from Bitnami Stack Instance


I’ve a SuitCRM install (7.10.22) on AWS EC2, on a Bitnami Ubuntu (14.04) stack, however it has run into some issues.

I need to upgrade the PHP as its saying I’m on PHP 7.0 and recommended is 7,1

It also has debug errors in relation to relationships

The database is on an RDS instance

My problem, is, that I can’t upgrade the PHP within the stack (you need to install a new stack and migrate)

The new stacks are all Debian based, is it possible to create a new 7.10.22 SuiteCRM instance, copy over my custom folder (in its entirety) and point it to my AWS database?

Or, can I go with an Ubuntu stack (20.04) and migrate my SuiteCRM installation?

Then I can upgrade from there?

I would recommend straight Ubuntu, no Bitnami (precisely to facilitate stack upgrades).

This post has a lot of stuff you might find helpful for your migration:

Ah thank you, yes, thats the road I’m going to try.

The problematic issue is now resolved, but I don’t like hanging on an older SuiteCRM install, I’ll tackle that job over the next week or so