UpgradeWizard not correctly reading php.ini?

Hi all,

Trying to upgrade my test environment from 7.10.9 to 7.10.11 and I’m getting the following error

The file size, 
 Bytes, is greater than what is allowed by the upload_max_filesize and/or the post_max_size settings in php.ini. Change the settings so that they are greater than 
 Bytes and restart the webserver.

I’ve double and tripple checked my php.ini (the one in php/7.0/apache) and I’ve even adjusted it as much 500M for both. I’ve restarted apache and even the whole server to no avail.

I’ve checked permissions on the upload directory and it’s owned by www-data and I’ve even changed the mode to 777 and the error reoccurs.

Strangely my live environment lets me upload the file without issue.



You are probably editing the wrong php.ini, that happens frequently. Sometimes your hosting could also be playing tricks with your configuration.

You can check Admin / Diagnostic / phpinfo

There you can see

  1. Your actual php.ini path

  2. Your effective max_upload_size value