Upgradesafe general override (not modules)


I’m currently working on a solution for a SuiteCRM bug and I’ve been working on the file: …\include\ListView\ListViewDisplay.php

My code actually works fine but I’d like to make the code upgrade safe and I find no way of custom overriding these classes as they dont belong to any specific module.

I’ve tried so far to override it through …/custom/include/ but it isn’t working.

If someone could help me with this issue I’d be very grateful.


P.D: I would also like to know if anyone has found a way for custom overriding the sugar_3.js file as I’m in need of overriding some of its functions.

Changing all occurrences of




will look for a custom file. The path for custom file would be custom/include/ListView/ListViewDisplay.php

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@jorgeCob if it’s really a SuiteCRM bug, are you going to share your solution and provide a fix in GitHub? Thanks!

@cherub-chum thanks for all the dedication to the forums lately! Would you consider also the possibility of fixing this code customization issue in GitHub (adding the get_custom_file_if_exists)? Have you done your first Pull Request there?

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Thank you very much for your responses. For the moment I haven’t yet upgraded with your suggestions. The bug is not yet fixed though I have reached a point where is better than it was before but still having some issues. For sure I will share it with you as soon as I get some time to get the bug 100% fixed.
Thanks again