Upgraded to 7.5.1 and now missing subpanels

Hi, I am missing subpanels in various detail views, for example under cases none of the subpanels are displaying, but they’re still listed in studio. I’ve tried rebuilding. I’m not sure where to begin to diagnose the problem, any help is appreciated.

What subpanels are missing? Are they custom subpanels or core subpanels?

core subpanels such as projects under cases, but actually all of the assigned subpanels.

I checked the error log for nginx and found the following errors:

On loading a case record, I see these errors:

Any advice is appreciated

I did some reading and learned that user roles and security groups can effect subpanels, I’m an administrator and the only user but just in case I decided to check all my settings. When I went to Admin -> User Roles, I got this error:

Could that be the culprit?

looking at the file structure on my server, specifically /cache/modules/ACLRoles and the files in the 7.4 to 7.5.1 upgrade archive under /modules/ACLRoles/, none of the files or folders in that archive are on my server. The only file on my server is ACLRolevardefs.php

So I think something went wrong with the upgrade even tho the about page says it’s running 7.5.1. Is there an efficient way to repair missing files?

Nevermind! It was a permissions issue… Which is strange because I had run chown www-data:www-data /var/www -R which should have fixed it. Twice even. Third times a charm I guess?

Thanks for the help!