Upgraded to 7.3.1: Case Updates no longer staying expanded


I’ve upgraded a copy of my SuiteCRM 7.1.3 to v 7.3.1 on Linux CentOS 6 machine.

When looking at a case in Detail View, upon load,
the case updates panel is displayed with all cases updates collapsed except the last one.

Whether I click on the “expand all” link or on any of the single dual-arrows to expand a case update,
I do get the expansion requested, but after a second,
we leave the page and get back to the home page.
I do see that there is a hyperlink linked to that button when I just hover on it instead of clicking it.
This happens with both Safari and Chrome web browsers.

This is preventing us from expanding cases updates.
This is working correctly (no jump to home page, no hyperlink) in our old 7.1.3 version

How could I get that fixed?

Found that it is linked to the inline editing.
When I go to -> Admin -> System Settings
and uncheck the “Enable inline editing on detail view”
then it works correctly.