Upgraded to 7.11 and now a custom signature of Email causes an error

Action: From the activities subpanel create a new email.

It works just fine. But if you have added a custom signature then creating a new email from activities panel gives you the following js error:
Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: <p>Best Regards,</p> <p>Helpdesk</p>

The unrecognized expression here is my custom email signature. As result the opened email popup window has no required fields populated.

When you cancel the email creation it looks like the jQuery has lost completely its focus and you need to relaod the Case.

This behaviour did not exist in the 7.10.12 release.

Workaround, do not use email signatures.


I just cleared all hsitory of the browser and rebuild everything. And everything is functioning fine. My mistake should have done this before submitting anything.
I tested with three different browserd:
Firefox OK.
Chrome OK.
Safari OK but signature is missing.



Can you please open a new issue with this on GitHub?


Thanks for reporting.