Upgraded, Now Custom Field (Bullet List) Has Space Between Each Element


We updated our software to Version 7.11.4 - Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344) and all of the sudden the bullet list in our custom field began displaying with a space between each element when we create a PDF. It does not have space when you look at the field in the CRM. Any ideas?

Hi. Which version did you upgrade from?


Thanks for responding. Before the current version, we were running 7.11.3 and before that 7.11.2. Any idea which file/code could be responsible for injecting the spaces? I tried looking through all of the source files and couldn’t spot anything that stuck out.

I have no idea, but I can try helping you find out.

First I would start by checking if the spaces are added when the information goes into the database, or only when they are sent to the PDF. Can you check with phpMyAdmin?

Meanwhile I’ll have a look at Github to see what was changed in this area of the app since 7.11.3.


It is not stored in the database with the spaces. Also, I just tested “Email Quotation” and it appears in the email without the spaces. So it is specifically only putting the spaces in the PDF. I hope that helps!

What is the type of that custom field (you can see it in Studio, if you created it there)?

Can you send me a sample field content that produces that wrong result, so I can try it here?