Upgraded from 7.7 to 7.9.2 - some problems. Maybe bugs?


I’ve just upgraded fro SUiteCRM 7.7 to actual 7.9.2

After I realized that my old favorited design went away (was Suite7 I think. The blue one) I ran into some problems.
But I’m not sure if these are bugs, so I posting here…

  1. When I’m in edit mode of a contact, I miss the radio button for “default email” or better to say: there is a radio button, but not the according text. Nor there is text for “do not call”. Please see attachment missing.jpg

  2. Calendar: All entries are in am/pm format. I’d prefer 24h format. In my user settings 24 hours is set.

  3. In some cases I’m still unable to delete filter settings to get a full list of lets say contacts. Sometimes I click on the red cross when filter is applied, but nothing happens. Only reload of page will help. Other times it works very well…

Are there any suggestions on how to resolve these issues?


Did you also update your language pack?
You need to first uninstall it and then install the latest version language pack.

Also rebuild: quick rebuild + javascript languages rebuild

Note: for the other issues start by clearing caches (suiteCRM and Browser), try a different browser and verify the logs for errors