Upgrade wizard keeps loading

Hi All,

We are trying to upgrade the SuiteCRM. But when we open admin area and click on Upgrade Wizard then it continues to load infinitely.

I’m not sure what’s the reason behind and how to check if there is any problem. I have checked the logs of suitecrm and apache as well but there is no error.

Please someone advise.


When trying to upgrade again make sure the developer tools of Chrome/Firefox is open and double check if there are js erros at the console tab. Let us know the errors if you find some.

What version are you trying to upgrade, you can only use the upgrade wizard on versions prior to 8 (I think).

If you’re doing it on 7 or earlier, could be the upgrade cache is corrupted. You can delete it and start over.


in the \cache\upgrades\temp\ folder - remove/rename upgrade_progress.php

If it’s failing because it’s timing out (another common issue). You can increase your max execution time in php.ini

It could also be because you have a large cache or upload folder and it just takes forever to go through all the files. You can skip folders in the check by:

modules/UpgradeWizard/systemCheck.php Find the line in the file that initializes the $skipDirs array and add the two folders it mentions in the comment ‘cache’, and ‘upload’, to the array initialization.

add directories here that should be skipped when doing file permissions checks (cache/upload is the nasty one)

$skipDirs = array(
	$sugar_config ['upload_dir'],