Upgrade wizard has missing Next button after system check

I am trying to upgrade from SuiteCRM 7.1.2 using the upgrade wizard.
I understand that to get to 7.6.6, I first need to upgrade from 7.1.x to 7.3.2 and then two more passes …

I start the upgrade Wizard, and pass the system check.
But now, there is no [b]Next[/b ]button. How do I get the upgrade to proceed to the next step?

are you sure you passed the system check? please provide a screenshot

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I realized after staring at things for a little longer that the files in the SuiteCRM root directory that were owned by root probably should be owned by apache:apache.
The first 3 times I looked at the list of files with permission trouble, I was mostly noticing that almost all of them were (very old - from the original installation?) logfiles. I assumed that was harmless. I was wrong.

After fixing the permissions, the long-absent “Next” button DID appear.

I got all the way through the upgrade, but on the final “Next” - after it had told me all was well - the screen when blank and HTTP connections to the SuiteCRM base page now receive no HTML file in response.


You need to check your logs so you can catch these errors earlier (and more specifically - which file).

Google to learn about
php_errors.log (you need to turn this on in php.ini)

blank page when upgrading usually means that the process stopped because a bad configuration in your php (time out)


read the documentation about that

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The main problem turned out to be that my cron.php was running every minute as root, while the application was running as apache.
The cron job kept changing lots of files to root ownership, which made them inaccessible by SuiteCRM running as apache.

This might be worth checking for in the cron job: Am I running as the correct userid.

Thank you for the help I have received here.

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