Upgrade to SuiteCRM 7.6.4 breaks Link function in Reports module - doesn't populate the record field any more

After upgrading from 7.6.2 to 7.6.4, the link functionality in the Report module seems to be broken.


is the link that is created when the “Link” field is tagged in Reports module.
The record field should have the id of the record in the module behind the = sign. Obviously, click on the link results in a blank page :frowning:

This used to work in 7.6.2!

check this post https://suitecrm.com/forum/suitecrm-7-0-discussion/9596-reports-bug-or-am-i-doing-something-wrong#33006

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I have been looking into this.
Looking at “<SUITECRM_DIR>/modules/AOR_Reports/AOR_Report.php” line 696

$html .= "<a href='" . $sugar_config['site_url'] . "/index.php?module=".$att['module']."&action=DetailView&record=".$row[$att['alias'].'_id']."'>";

this is the piece of the function build_report_html that generates the links html for the report.
at part after record


lets say I had a dashlet on my homescreen that returns tasks
$att[‘alias’] will return tasks
.’_id’ adds _id to the end of tasks to make tasks_id

and so will resolve to $row[tasks_id]
I get an error reporting

Undefined index: tasks_id in <suitecrm_dir>/modules/AOR_Reports/AOR_Report.php

looking at an example of $row arrays (each row to render in the report)

    [Date_Created0] => A Date
    [Subject1] => 'A Subject'
    [Description2] => 'Description'
    [Projects3] => UUID For Project
    [Due_Date4] => Date
    [Status5] => Staus
    [Priority6] => Priority
    [Assigned_to7] => UUID for the user assigned to this task

there is no task_id index in this array.

the $row array seems to change between the while statement at line 633 and line 690 as the output of $row here

    [id] => 1a3g46sa-34ac-v425-4f43-654gbx87fe5f

does return UUID’s (this isn’t the real UUID I got back, I changed it for data protection reasons)