Upgrade to latest release -- is "/custom/*" safe?

The beauty of SugarCRM was that you could customize it without worrying that an upgrade would wipe out your customizations.

When we migrated to Suite (6.5.2 -> 7.3.1) the installation software erased everything in our “/custom” directory – all of our custom metadata, logic hooks, etc. Just completely overwrote it all.


Fortunately, I had backed everything up, and within 3 or 4 days we managed to salvage five years of custom programming and get it limping along.

Now, the boss wants to upgrade to 7.6!

My question is… Has this been fixed?
Or is SuiteCRM NOT upgrade safe?

Does it still overwrite the “/custom/” dir?


In the documentation https://suitecrm.com/wiki/index.php/Upgrade you had this:

From Sugar to Suite is a big process, and logic hooks are affected by this (because of the WorkFlow Module). Upgrading from suite to a recent suite is not the same, is better and without exceptions (sometimes) I recommend you to read all the release notes and make your upgrade in a test environment, and a check list of your custom content, I did this once and had like +20 custom things that needed to be checked.

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I count doing about 13 upgrades (almost every minor version since 7.2) without any problems in my custom directory.

As Mike said, it’s the move from Sugar to Suite that might be more complicated (as warned in the Release Notes), not the upgrades from one SuiteCRM to the next.

Good luck with the upgrade, you’ll find you get lots of new features and improvements.

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Another solution from sugar 6.5.15 to suitecrm 7.6.4. Our instance is very customised, many custom field, many custom module, views… logic hook and soo

What i have do is simple :

install new fresh 7.6.4
then from sugar = copy all customised files to new instance… always check if no override in new instance…
then copy in module/ all ours modules
then make quick repaire… and run SQL
then make just a dump of data of sugar … no (drop table), just content…
then import in news instance…

After that, i have to correct somes css, and so…

all seemt ok, i am in debug, and no see big error