Upgrade to 7.9.2 - Email Module Broken

I upgraded from 7.8.2 to 7.9.2. Now the Email module is blank. I’ve tried with 3 different browsers on Linux, Mac and Windows. But no luck.When I click on the Email module, everything is blank.

Hi there,

Just for clarification wedon’t have 7.9.2 just yet :slight_smile: Also there are additional steps to this upgrade which are highlighted in the Release Notes below.



As we have revamped the Email Client you need to resync your IMAP accounts with SuiteCRM as we have made the prodominent table that older versions used (email_cache) redundant now.

Please check out these additional steps and then let us know how you get on.

GitHub issue raised here: https://github.com/salesagility/SuiteCRM/issues/3610

7.9.2!!! So much for shooting from the hip. I am using 7.9.0

Since we are using Email with SMTP and Outbound EMail only, the “sync” described in the post Upgrade steps do not apply to our case. Am I correct? That being said, we have multiple folders for EMails. Please see attached screenshot. I am wondering if this may be the issue somehow.


If it helps anyone I had the same issue when upgrading this afternoon to 7.9.0

I was able to get the “view email” system working again by reselecting the “folders to monitor” in the email settings for the profile. “Folder Management” had bad text in it when I first upgraded ( almost like it had concatenated all of the old managed imap folders into a string ).

** SuiteCRM -> -> Profile -> -> Email Settings (Button)
** Mail Accounts (Tab) -> Edit the email account -> Reselect your “Monitored Folders” , “Trash” and “Sent” folder --> hit Done -> hit Done (or fix more email accounts )

and you should be ok to test the email centre.

Hope that helps.

I tried this. I get a tiny window pop-up saying Rebuilding Folders with the message “One moment please”. It stays on that window for a very long time. I left it for an hour and nothing happened. My mailbox size is only about 30MB (since I’ve used POP email and not IMAP).

Any fix for this issue?


Just a question, in the case of multiple folders within the INBOX folder the new mail client doesn’t work for me. I expect to see a folder tree, instead i have this:


I can’t see your screenshot - you need to make the file viewable to anyone with the link


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I found I could make the missing email accounts reappear by:

  • Open Administration -> Email
  • Locate the missing email account and click the Edit icon
  • Click the Test Connection button
  • Browse for the Inbox folder for that account
  • Click Save Settings

Now you should be able to see the missing account when clicking the “Inbox” button on the email screen.

So I’ve fixed that problem. But… Imported emails do not import anything apart from the sender’s name - no subject, no body, no attachments. Nothing.

If I only monitor INBOX all works fine, but if I want to add more folders not work at all.

Hello SuiteCRM team,

Is it possible for you to provide support to resolve this type of major issue? Our most of the client asking me to upgrade the SuiteCRM to latest version but due to this email module related issues, I can’t suggest them to go for upgrade.

Is there any way where I can manage inbound and out bound email with folder structure?

I think suitecrm team has to work on this kind of priority and useful issues.

Hello SuiteTeam,

Is there any plan to provide a support where user can manage their Inbound emails with folder? My most of client would like to upgrade their SuiteCRM but due to this Email module broken issue we can not upgrade it.

Hope you can understand the issue and situations. If any way to use inbound emails with folder structure then please suggest us.