Upgrade to 7.9.14 breaks save function in suitecrm

Many users are migrating from 7.9.13 directly to 7.10 but we wanted wait for new version.

The main issue is that new upgrade brokes this thinks

Can’t save any record… we’re getting error 500
Can’t import emails… after import it doesn’t show in related module (we think that has something with relate to function)
Can’t add any new update to case… still getting pop up window that need to wait (Performing task)

We restored SuiteCRM to earlier version because was unusable. Question is if some others get those issues after upgrade… i don’t want create disturbing ticket

If you can retry the upgrade, but turning off your cron jobs during the upgrade, that would help verify if this is what’s causing your broken system.

Also, check your logs and report any errors you find during the upgrade process and during the broken operation afterwards


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Thank you… we will look with developer on it and let you know if more details will available… very good point to test this mysterious behaviour

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Hi pgrod

We found the main issue… it was the SecuritySuite module … my developer said:

So “Additional users” filed type is added by SecuritySuite module.
So in conclusion this is the problem: The SecuritySuite module that is now installed is not compatible with SecurityGroup module (included in SuiteCRM)
after we done the upgrade to 7.9.14

example, SecuritySuite uses a function “SecurityGroup::get_current_plan()” which doesn’t exists anymore in SecurityGroup module
this gives a fatal error and you can’t save the case or whatever module

when I done upgrade to 7.9.14, the SecurityGroups module was changed dramatically
a lot of chnages
many functions were changed (some of them removed)
the “Additional users” from SecuritySuite filed type, is no more compatible with latest version of SecurityGroups module


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Ok… maybe it’s a good idea to warn Jason Eggers who writes Security Suite, by mentioning him on GitHub or by leaving a message on the SuiteCRM Store, in that module’s area.

Hi Mausino112

Just to confirm that its an updated version of Security Suite - assuming you have the full/paid version? Or from the SuiteCRM upgrade? Would be great to clarify since we want to work together with Security Suite and don’t want things to break when upgrading either or module/application.

Hi, samus-aran

We have paid version of SecuritySuite

We know that is new version of SecuritySuite… version for SuiteCRM_7.9.14_SecuritySuite_v3.1.6 or LTS 7.8.15

We first updated SuiteCRM and after SecuritySuite… we have not enought power every update to fight with SecuritySuite paid extension… fo fix some corections

We disable this version because we are addicted to proprietary software which we have not under control… We love open source but SuiteCRM for middle and big companies have one big problem… SecurityGroup which are unusable now without propiertally extension SecuritySuite

We are growing and we and other companies (many contributors of SuiteCRM) need to create groups for our users because we have more as one address (office) and user from one office must haven’t access to data of other office + other examples…

We want go further and upgrade, test and help to community, but nobody told you that we scare… our nightmare is… what if in one day will no possible use the proprietary software of 3rd extension (module) ??? will our work which we build years lost and every user will see everything… ??? this will kill companies :frowning: what if this happend as same happend with SugarCRM… ???

Mausino are you sure the free version of Security Suite included with SuiteCRM can’t handle all the security you need?

That thing you mention about groups and separating different offices should be easy to achieve without any add-on!

Hi pgrod

  1. https://www.screencast.com/t/g7bImfxPH3 if you see any free version of Security Suite doesn’t exist … still need to pay

  2. https://www.screencast.com/t/kCrbRGw1I in fresh SuiteCRM is mismatch between Security Groups and Security Suite…

  3. here is github ticket https://github.com/salesagility/SuiteCRM/issues/4565 there i tested… but isn’t working in real enviroment

What i can promise is … that i will test it again and will try add better description how i configured and worked if i created groups

I hope that will working as everybody expecting :slight_smile: