Upgrade to 7.3 fails with message The uploaded file is not compatible with this version of Sugar: SugarCRM System Version: 6.5.22

I repeatedly get the message “The uploaded file is not compatible with this version of Sugar:
SugarCRM System Version: 6.5.22” no matter what upgrade package I choose. I have successfully upgraded in the past as shown below:

The following upgrade packages have been installed:
Name Type Version Date Installed Description Action
Patch Upgrades SuiteCRM patch 6.5.20 04/11/2015 08:29 None
Patch Upgrades SuiteCRM patch 6.5.20 03/13/2015 00:43 None
Patch Upgrades SuiteCRM patch 6.5.18 11/18/2014 01:10 None

Any ideas how to get me upgraded?


I believe that the 7.3 release is based off of SugarCRM 6.5.20. Maybe that is the reason? Looking at sugar_version.php in 7.3 at least points to that.

The only updates I have installed are the SuiteCRM patches as detailed in the previous message. WIth that said, how could I back up to the correct sugar version so that I can upgrade SuiteCRM??

Has there been any movement on this fix for the upgrade to SuiteCRM?

I would like to upgrade from SugarCRM 6.22 to SuiteCRM as well. Is there any movement on when the upgrade kit will work for those of us that are stranded?

Same problem :

Le fichier uploadé n’ est pas compatible avec cette version de Sugar :
Version de SugarCRM :6.5.22

Hope there will be a special migration package for this version of SugarCRM.

what is the difference with 6.20 and 6.22… little ?

I am not sure, but you have 2, 3 place where version is write :

  • in root directory version.php …
  • in config.php
  • in database, config table (!?)

Change in these location : 6.22 to 6.20
make a quick-repair… do the upgrade.

Not tested but must do the think.


I prefer to wait for an official update :

For anyone who has this problem, I started from @item’s suggestion above and was successful with 2 different upgrade/migrations by doing the following:

  1. back everything up, and don’t blame me if the universe explodes!
  2. download the Suger --> Suite zip file (if you’re here, you likely alreaady have it!)
  3. As Admin, go to the Upgrade Wizard, and run the System Check
  4. Leave the browser and use your favourite text editor to change the version from 6.5.22 to 6.5.20 in three places in two files in the root of your install (save copies of the originals, of course):
    a) config.php: ‘sugar_version’ => ‘6.5.22’ …change to 6.5.20 (this was on line 307 for me)
    b) sugar_version.php: $sugar_version = ‘6.5.22’ …change to 6.5.20 (this was on line 41 for me)
    c) also in sugar_version.php: $sugar_version = ‘6.5.22’ …change to 6.5.20 (this was on line 42 for me)
  5. Back in the browser, Upload the Upgrade Package (the zip from step 1)
  6. Run Preflight Check
  7. Run Commit Upgrade - note this will fail and while about the code not matching the database version - that’s ok for the moment
  8. Undo the changes you made in step 3 above
  9. Hit refresh in the browser, and the “Commit Upgrade” process will continue
  10. Run Confirm Layouts

Once complete, all was right in the world. Again, while this worked (twice) for me, YMMV, nothing in life s certain, and whatever you do is not my fault. :slight_smile:

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