Upgrade to 7.2.1 fails

Trying to upgrade a replica of my production system. I’ve verified all directory security, ran quick repair/rebuild and started the upgrade. the upgrade wizard makes it past the pre-flight check and pops up in the browser under the CRM toolbar with the following: H:\Websites\SuiteCRM_Upgrade/.htaccess and a blank screen and sits there. You can’t finish the upgrade wizard.

If you look in the database, it upgrades the Sugar version to 6.5.20, and if you open suitecrm in a browser, its the new version (7.2.1). A quick - repair-rebuild hangs on rebuilding relationships - so I know it didn’t complete the upgrade. However everything is there and seems functional - except upload module hangs to a blank screen after you commit.

Any ideas?

Set permissions to 777, run a Quick R & R and then go back into the Upgrade Wizard and let it finish.

Once it’s done, set permissions appropriately.

If you still have issues, I would advise checking your php error log, sugarcrm.log and upgradeWizard.log.