Upgrade to 7.10.5 breaks contact page when using Chrome

After upgrading access to contact page gives an error box in the middle of the screen that says if problem persists have administrator disable ajax.
It work with Firefox.

Bottom of box says database error.
Looks like there is an extra c after SELECT count(*)

sqli_query failed.
Fri May 25 10:04:10 2018 [21154][42b03f31-6a17-2033-b180-46f91ca51bff][FATAL] Er
ror running count query for Contact List: Query Failed: ( SELECT count(*) c FRO
M fp_events INNER JOIN fp_events_contacts_c ON contacts.id=fp_events_contacts_
c.fp_events_contactscontacts_idb AND fp_events_contacts_c.fp_events_contactsfp_e
vents_ida=‘8dd81f69-321d-b1ce-be52-46f91d0bb2fb’ AND fp_events_contacts_c.delete

So sorry, that’s a bug. Luckily it’s fixed, you can either wait for the next release or go ahead and fix it manually, it’s easy enough:


That fixed the problem.

Thank you.