Upgrade safety of custom scripts

Apologies if this has already been raised elsewhere, but I would appreciate clarification on exactly how to implement upgrade-safe modifications. I understand the general principal of ensuring that all my modifications are made under the “custom” directory, but I am confused by the fact that SuiteCRM “out of the box” already has a number of scripts there (one example is “custom/modules/Opportunities/OpportunitiesListViewSmarty.php”). If I modify such a script, is it liable to be overwritten when upgrading?

What version of SuiteCRM are you using?

All packages after version 7.5 do not contain any module in the custom folder. Prior to version 7.5 this was an issue. But in newer versions in it no longer the case.

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Ah, I do apologise for omitting to mention the version number - shall try to remember in future! Yes, we are running version 7.4.3 (PHP and MySQL requirements preclude updating at the moment). Does that mean that until we upgrade to version 7.5 or later we have to back up any modifications and possible re-apply them?

So it means you will need to backup your customisation and then apply the differences after you upgrade. You can find the upgrade packages on sourceforge:


I would recommend the package 7.4.x to 7.6.8. You should still keep backups of your database(s) and of your instance(s), just in case. However, after 7.5 you shouldn’t need to worry about your customisation’s being overwritten.

Thanks again for your help, Daniel. We keep backups, of course, and have not made many modifications yet, so should not be too much of a problem working out what we need to re-apply.