Upgrade Process / Notification and Backup Targets

I’m new to SuiteCRM and there are a few things I haven’t managed to find in the documentation. Apologies if I’ve missed them but I have done a search of these forums too.

Firstly, how do you get notified of a new SuiteCRM release? Do all releases introduce new features, or is there a “Stable” branch with just security updates which you can trust to be backwards-compatible?

Secondly, what do you need to back up on your SuiteCRM install to be confident of a complete restore? The MySQL directory and the SuiteCRM webroot?


All new versions released on the download tab will be stable and if any issues regarding it do arise they will be fixed as soon as possible. all the documentation will be posted on the forums as a post that then will link to the full docs that will document what s included, including security upgrades.
We always recommend taking regular backups but before a version upgrade on your production instance test it out on a test/demo instance to try limit and predict any issues it may cause. :slight_smile: