Upgrade problem

Hi all,
When trying to update the last version by Admin user (we have now Version 7.4.3 Suite CRM), from the “upgrade wizard” - I get un-reachable error connection.
Is it required to upgrade from the local server that we located our private server for
OR is it ok to upgrage from remote?
BTW, the same quastion for the PlugIn.

Thanking you in advance

At what step do you get the error message?

The error appears after the foolowing steps:

System-> Upgrade Wizard -> Next

I assume it “runs” for a while first? It might be timing out? Have you followed all of the steps here? https://suitecrm.com/wiki/index.php/Upgrade

In answer to your previous question, it is absolutely fine to remotely upgrade an installation… this is probably the more common method.

What kind of host do you have? Share hosting? Dedicated Hosting? VPS Hosting? Something else?

I tried to upgrade a shared hosting instance and my SQL connection was timing out. The host couldn’t upgrade the timeout for me because it was a server-wide change. I switched to VPS hosting and didn’t even need to upgrade the timeout… because I had more resources available, it was able to complete within the default MySQL timeout timeframe.