Upgrade path


do you still upgrade 7.9.14 towards 7.9.15 or will you only focus on 7.10 onwards?

I ask this because my journey with 7.10 ended quickly after some first steps.
I assumed, that some development steps - as an example in Email handling - towards 9.14 might not have found their way to 7.10.
In other words: what worked for me in 9.14 did not work in 7.10 (Email).
So I decided to stay with 7.9.14 until the storm of the new Launch will have flattened.

I have to say that I´m in an evulation process. I like suiteCRM but every step takes me a long time.



Hi there kaeser

Yes we still do upgrade from 7.9.x -> 7.9.x. We will support 7.9.x for 3 months upon releasing the latest major version (7.10) and it will be security fixes (however we are including bug fixes at the moment).

Regards to the issue with emails there was a bug introduced to 7.10 which 7.8.x and 7.9.x were not affected but this has been resolved.

Hope this clarifies things.

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