Upgrade of PHP version - SuiteCRM 8.2.3 - Problems

SuiteCRM 8.2.3
WAMP 3.3 environment
Apache 2.4.54
MySQL 8.0.31
PHP 7.4.33
All running on Windows.

Our system runs fine in the above config. No failures, all functionality works and no real issues.

Due to the age of the PHP version and its impending lack of support, we decided to upgrade to v8 and test before applying this.

So we set up a virtual host using PHP 8.0.26. The php.ini file was checked to be in line with the 7.4.3 version, display errors and startup display errors both off, error reporting set to
error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_STRICT & ~E_DEPRECATED

But after logging in, the dashboard lists a host of deprecated errors as per the screenshot. When we first upgraded to version 8.2.3 we went up to version 8 of PHP and I now recall that we did a downgrade to 7.4.3 to fix these very problems.

We have also tried later versions of PHP up to 8.2 and the issues become worse with server side errors.

Can anyone throw any light on this. so that we can move up to a current version level of PHP. I am sure that it is probably something simple but I can’t find anything in the forum that is the same.

Many thanks for any help, in advance.

You should start by disabling display_errors in your php.ini. Restart web server afterwards.

That will get the errors off the screen and will prevent some minor errors (like deprecation warnings) from creating bigger errors (broken screens).

Then focus on any errors that actually break functionality, and look for them in the two logs.

If you get any errors there, especially FATALs, search these Forums and Github for them, often the issues caused by PHP version upgrades are quite straightforward to fix, and there are already fixes available.

Many thanks. Just found the issue. Self inflicted and poor admin. The php.ini and apache php.ini were both updated correctly but one of our colleagues made a change, some time ago, later in the same files to turn them back on. We didnt check the dev log. Those lines now removed and it all fired up fine.

Only one issue we have noticed. In Campaigns but think we know what that is. That’ll teach me not to check the dev log first.

Many thanks.