Upgrade issue - hung - now upgrade wizard won't work

Not sure what happened but did the usual update and something happened during that update.

Has caused all sorts of issues.

In the Admin area, if I try and click on upgrade wizard link it just wont load up the page.

Any ideas on what I can do - I’m not too technical

Here are a few things you can try…

  1. You can try a quick repair and rebuild

  2. You can post here the full contents of your upgradeWizard.log

  3. You can check your suitecrm.log for any errors showing at the moment when you go into the Upgrade Wizard page and get a blank page.

  4. You can rename the directory upload/upgrades/patch to something else, just to clear old upgrades. It will get created again as needed.

Please switch on the PHP errors and then you will see errors on the blank page. After fixing those you will have the upgrade wizard window