Upgrade from version 7.14.xx to 8.5.xx

Hi All,

I’m new on this community and the use of CRMSuite.
I’m trying to upgrade from the version 7.14.xx to 8.5.xx but after recommandation displayed in this page (SuiteCRM 7.12.x+ migration to SuiteCRM 8.x :: SuiteCRM Documentation) and at the execution of the following command under xampp console :

php .\bin\console suitecrm:app:upgrade -t SuiteCRM-8.5.0

I have the following message :
Bad data passed in; Return to Home

Could you tell me some advices that could help me to resolve this problem ?

Thank you verry much for your help.



If they are just warnings during installation, you could ignore them and move ahead with installation.

Hi rsp,

Thank’s for your feedback .

If my understanding is correct , when the message appear after the execute of the php console file

, I must ignore it and continue the installation ?

Is it correct ?


I think you could try to move ahead, but make sure you have backup of all your data and custom code files from previous CRM system. So, if anything went wrong, you could go back to previous version.

@fbigare that’s a protection that SuiteCRM has against security attacks. So that is SuiteCRM itself “quitting” from doing its job.

I don’t have the slightest idea why that should happen in an upgrade. Probably a bug. There must be something specific to XAMP that isn’t tested and is causing something to go wrong.

If you are technical enough to explore the code causing the error, that would be helpful. The message exists in (line numbers may vary a bit):

public/legacy/include/utils.php : line 2533


public/legacy/include/utils.php : line 2783

If you can find out which one of the two it is, and if you can print the value of the offending string, that would be great. The string is a variable called $str in the first one, and $value in the other.

Hi rsp,
thanks for your advice, I’m working on a test version that I can recreate and reinstall…
I have tried to move ahead but I’m blocked later wih another error …
pgr is asking me to check the utils.php file, I will keep in touch you and pgr about the progress…
Thank you verry much for your help …

Thanks for your feedback, I will come back to you with the detailed call stack … may be it could help you to find my mistake …
But I will send the post tomorrow … :frowning:

Yes, sure. There are some known errors and their solutions available on the SuiteCRM GitHub page.

You could search your errors on it.

Hi pgr,
Sorry to answer you only now (hollidays and jobs :frowning: )
Thanks for your help .
I found the problem and resolve it based on your comment.

I have displayed parameters used in the “preg_match” php function used in the “utils.php” file and I have noticed in the regexp parameter that the character \ is not treated. In fact the preg_match function return false when I’m using \\ to determine the path of the php file “console” at the execution of the command prompt.

My solution is to simply call the php “console” file like a unix command and use the character / as below

Thank you very much for your help



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