Upgrade from Turnkey Linux SugarCRM Appliance

Just want to share a very positive experience of installing SugarCRM 7.2.2 on Turnkey Linux Sugar CRM Appliance.
It took us about 10 minutes.
We use Proxmox Virtual Environment and download&install Turnkey Linux SugarCRM container.
After the virtual container was up and running we needed only to ‘chown -R www-data /var/www/sugarcrm’
Then we installed the SuiteCRP upgrade from SugarCRM 6.5 to Suite CRM 7.1
and after that the SuiteCRM upgrade to 7.2.2.
Everything went without a single issue! We have a running SuiteCRM Appliance in minutes.

If you need user authentication via Active Directory just ‘apt-get install php5-ldap’ and configure SuiteCRM LDAP settings
(We use Samba 4 as Active Directory)

After integration with our groupware Zimbra via zSugar zimlet we have a perfectly working environment with astonishing price tag of $0.00.

Thanks SuiteCRM guys. You are great!

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