Upgrade from 7.9.9 to 7.8

I can not go in administration and make anything, so what is going wrong?

Upgrade said success

Regards Tage

Could you please provide more information?
Have you cleared your cache?
screenshots etc

Yes I push the menu buttom and select admin and cannot run all the admin programs

Close all Suitecrm tabs.
Clear the browser cache!

The same screen, no admin menus

Are you using the english language?

Both English and Danish

It’s faster if you start by giving us something to work with:

  • Your version of SuiteCRM
  • Your version of OS
  • Php version
  • MySql version
  • anything conspicuous in suitecrm.log
  • anything conspicuous in php_errors.log

Also, try the basic fixes first:

  • Quick repair and rebuild
  • clear browser cache (or better, try in different browser)
  • fix permissions and ownership of files and directories
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How do I make Quick repair and rebuild when I not can aktivate admin menus?

File permission is OK I use a script to update, the version of Suitecrm is 7.8 I upgrated from 7.9.9

Hint: consider to edit your topic subject to include something more descriptive as in “Upgrade from 7.9.9 to 7.8 - admin goes blank”

I couldn’t replicate your issue
Tested with English, Danish, Portuguese and French
Upgrade from 7.8.0 beta to 7.8.0

I will try to upgrade a 7.7.9 to 7.8.0 and if the results are different I will post here.
Else, there must be some other issues then the language files!

Also no issue upgrading 7.7.9 to 7.8.0 :dry:

Hi Tagedani,

You can run a repair and rebuild by replacing the URL with this: [Instancename]/index.php?module=Administration&action=repair


8 replies, 4 different people trying to help you, and we still don’t know if you’re running Windows or Linux, PHP 5.x or 7.x, and you keep telling us you upgraded from a higher version number to a lower version number…

Some people here definitely spent more time testing and typing their answers to you than you spent typing the necessary information. That doesn’t sound very fair, does it?

Linux webshop 4.9.3-1-default #1 SMP PREEMPT Thu Jan 12 11:32:53 UTC 2017 (2c7dfab) x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

apache2-mod_php7 - PHP7 Module for Apache 2.0

Alternate Version
Installed Version
Build Time:
Sat Dec 17 14:29:50 2016
Sat Dec 17 14:29:50 2016
Install Time:

Sun Dec 18 21:41:38 2016
Package Group:
Installed Size:
79.3 MiB
79.3 MiB
Download Size:
8.8 MiB
0 B

openSUSE Tumbleweed

Build Host:


Source Package:
Media No.:

Sorry for this I had to go home and fine the information.

Linux open suse with these versions

I get this when I try to run repair


I always get that same response when trying to run Repair directly from an URL. I never managed to get that to work.
So, at least that part is not specific to your problematic system…

Maybe you could show us the scripts you’re using to reset permissions, you need to make sure both permissions and ownership are correct.

And are you running cron.php as root? What’s the output of these two commands on your system?:
sudo crontab -l -u root
sudo crontab -l -u www-data

(replace that www-data with whatever is your Web server user)

webshop:~ # cd /srv/www/prp
webshop:/srv/www/prp # crontab -l

DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE - edit the master and reinstall.

(cr installed on Thu Jan 14 13:58:47 2016)

(Cronie version 4.2)

          • cd /srv/www/prp; php -f cron.php > /dev/null 2>&1
            webshop:/srv/www/prp #

webshop:/srv/www/prp # cat upg*sh
php -f /srv/www/prp/modules/UpgradeWizard/silentUpgrade.php /srv/www/prp/SuiteCRM-Upgrade-7.7.x-to-7.8.zip /srv/www/prp/upgrade.log /srv/www/prp admin

chown -R wwwrun:www .
chmod -R 755 .
chmod -R 775 cache custom modules themes data upload config_override.php
webshop:/srv/www/prp #

With that crontab command I don’t know which user’s crontab we get. That’s why I gave you two commands to list specifying the user… Root has one crontab, wwwrun has another. You cron.php should be in the crontab of wwwrun, not root.

Also, we just learned that you are trying a silent upgrade, that’s interesting. The official wiki says “There is currently no silent upgrade path available for SuiteCRM.” (except for people migrating from Sugar), so where did you get this from?


I have this addon installed:

And this one require root to run the cron.

I have been using the silent upgrade for about 2 years, and that has been working perfect until now.
The upgrade in the admin has never been working.
And when I run the script I am sure to have correct permission and owner.

I found the script on the net, and I do not remember where, it could bee a sugar script.