Upgrade from 7.8.7 to 7.10.19

Hello Guys,

I made an upgrade from 7.8.7 to 7.10.19 and it looks that the DB structure was not upgraded correctly. In fact, I realized it after noticing that the user emails addresses were not available anymore. After looking at the log file it appears that some columns are missing in the email_addresses. So I made a comparison between my structure after migration and a fresh install and indeed there are some differences.

So my question is the following, would it be safe to just alter the schema in order to match the fresh structure installation or there is another way to fix it ?

thank you for your help


Hi Guys,

In case this helps somebody else, here attached is the script I used to upgrate my DB from version 7.8 to 7.10.19


Did you upgrade with an upgrade package, from the upgrade wizard? Or did you just download source files from Github? The upgrade package includes scripts that take care of most of these things.

Also, after upgrade, run a Quick Repair and Rebuild, and scroll to the bottom - if there is a button to “sync database with vardefs”, press it.

Tell me if your problems persist after this…

hi @pgr
At that time we didn’t go further in the migration because we faced other issues mainly with mails.

This being said, we need to migrate now and the latest tests we have done after migrating to version 7.11 from 7.8 through 7.10, look ok. So I guess some improvements have been done which is good news for us.

We have still found some little things but so far ( :crossed_fingers: ), nothing that will prevent us from migrating production.

Thank you for the follow up and thank you the dev team for your tremendous work on this tool :raised_hands:


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