Upgrade from 7.4 to 7.5.1, system now extremely slow

Prior to upgrade, page loads were <1 to 2 seconds. Now, page loads are 30-120+ seconds. I am not sure what happened, I do not see any errors in php or sugar logs. Slow query log has a few that pop up, but none are related or new during my page load testing.

Seems database related, when I open the admin or repair screen, i get <1s loads, anything that has to pull from database is 30+ seconds every time. Running a ‘show processlist’ reveals that the queries look to be finished in <1 second.

I have done some searching and verified my optimization settings, though I am not sure what would have changed between 7.4 and 7.5.1. Sugar version 6.5.20. I have done several quick repair and rebuild relationships after each attempt at changing a setting.

Please help me locate the source of this issue.


7.5.1 have some bug for include file. You must check apache and php error for see where file are impacted.

I was following the error logs and did not see anything while I was loading pages. I did notice that accessing the crm database directly through phpmyadmin was much slower than normal. After I reverted back to 7.4, everything went back to normal for response times, including accessing the database through phpmyadmin. I wonder if the update corrupted some indexes. I did run an optimize across all tables during troubleshooting which did not seem to help at all.

Since I already reverted, I’ll just wait for the next version to try again.

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