Upgrade from 7.4. to 7.5.1 Failed opening custom/metadata/fp_events_leads_1MetaData.php

Since updating to 7.5.1 I’m getting the following error:

include(): Failed opening 'custom/metadata/fp_events_leads_1MetaData.php' for inclusion  in  /**REMOVED**/custom/application/Ext/TableDictionary/tabledictionary.ext.php on line 181

Anyone else having this issue? And more importantly a solution.


I have no upgrade still to bigger than 7.4.3 but i understand why this error occur.
Since some minor version, SuiteCRM merge module and other “modification” to core of suitecrm.

The file you are error is now located in ./metadate/
I dont know witch file will include the file, but you can copy this file from /metadata to /custom/metadata/ …
This is a issue to send to github


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you can search in all file “‘custom/metadata/fp_events_leads_1MetaData.php’” and change it to “‘metadata/fp_events_leads_1MetaData.php’”