Upgrade from 7.2.1 to current version

We have an installation 7.2.1. has run with some problems and want to upgrade to the current version. But that we don’t want to make itself and would like to hire someone with it. Who would like to take this job? When you speak german, then the technical communication is easier. Otherwise English.


Supplement: Of course, we pay for it. Perhaps can someone recommend a company? On the page of suitecrm unfortunately are only a few companies and I think to myself there must be more companies that installing and provide service for suitecrm.

We had someone who has done this for us, but now is working on other things and has no longer time for it. Of course we would prefer someone of the system also serves long term.


Hi Alex,

depending on the overall size of your instance, the environment, the number and complexity of your customisations, whether these customisations are upgrade safe or not and a few more aspects, the amount of time required varies.

In principle this shouldn’t be a difficult nor long task so, since I see that you haven’t got any response yet, we may be able to assist you, but we do not speak German unfortunately.

Please send an email at info - at - forthalia.com with some details and a phone number to be contacted.

Thanks for the reply, I will send an email.

Yes, I’m a bit disappointed about this little interest in normal users to help. I’m searching for a technical suppert for a small company as a normal user of Suite CRM and get no feedback. Something like this is always a small death for open source. Because if you want as someone who use the software only, but not technically versed can not find anywhere help, change automatically to the commercial providers.

I wants to spend money for technical assistance. Suitecrm is a great system, and the idea behind is great. But without any support for normal user it will probably remain a system for hobbyists.

Sorry for these harsh words, but if you contact many companies who are listet in suitecrm and there are and also through the contact form of suitecrm receives no response is very sad. Only now here came at least an answer. Thanks for that. But no one can recommend suitecrm with this support… :pinch: