Upgrade from 7.13 to 8.2

Is it possible to do the upgrade? I upgraded to 7.13 without checking that for the upgrade to 8.2 there is only the migration path from 7.12

Can I use this or should I wait?


I believe you can probably use it, but I am not sure.

I do advise you to be careful before upgrading to version 8. It is very different, many customizations don’t work, it is less documented, and some functionality you use might simply be missing.

It is a better product, I recommend it, but the upgrade is really not something to do without careful consideration, especially for systems that are already in production. You need to thoroughly check all the functionality you use in a a test system.

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To understand the differences, should I read all the release notes between a release (I am currently using 7.10.29 in production and 7.12.8 in the test server) or is there an easier and quicker method?

If not I thin I should read dozen of release notes…

Thank you!

I wouldn’t recommend anything other than hands-on testing. You can use the online demo, but ideally set up your own test server, it’s not that hard.

The release notes tell you what was done, they don’t tell you what’s missing. Sometimes it’s simple things like “i can’t find a convert button on the Targets screen” or “I can’t add to target list from the accounts list view” or something like that, but if it breaks your business processes… you really need to deal with it.

Note that you can revert specific modules to legacy views to work around these issues.

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I’m doing exacting what you were asking about. Have you succeeded? I’m running XAMPP with a local SuiteCRM instance. I’ve tried the upgrade but it’s not working.
Do you know the exact steps to take to upgrade? I haven’t been able to find documentation showing steps on a platform like XAMPP yet.