Upgrade from 7.11.8 to 7.11.9

Hi all,

I am trying to upgrade usiing the upgrade Wizard. The first step is confirmed , but on the second step the .zip file is not shown after uploading the package.
So the process cannot be proceeded.
error log files show “file too big error, max of 60MB exceeded”.

upgrade file size is 62MB and php.ini is showing 65MB allowance local and unlimited master.

I also rezipped the upgrade file but also 59MB is rejected.

Has anybody an idea what this could be? Any workaround for upgrading?

Try all these settings

post_max_size = 200M
upload_max_filesize = 100M
memory_limit = 300M
file_uploads = On
max_execution_time = 180

And then restart apache.


First, thank you very much for your help and mainly for your develop Job for SuiteCRM. Your efforts and dedication in this Project is highly appreciated.

I changed the values and restartet. Values are taken correctly in php.ini but no Change.
I see the uploading bar increasing during upload but the file is then not shown in step2 of the upgrade wizard

Error log Shows “uploaded file was too big: max filesize: 60000000”.

Is it possible that during upload the zip file is unzipped by the wizard and therefore too big?

Hi, please join me via Skype and show it to me

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Sohaib, thank very much for your help, it was a great competent session, you solved the issue.

You are more then welcome!!!

I’m having the same issue - what was your solution to the “uploaded file was too big: max filesize: 60000000” error? I’ve checked all my php/ini settings and SuiteSCR admin - system file sizes appear o be fine.


Hello am facing the same issue the error am getting below, would you mind helping me, i have modified php ini

Mon Feb 12 19:57:33 2024 [504200][62c2206e-91ee-b6d4-713a-5a9fe6c8b3a4][FATAL] ERROR: uploaded file was too big: max filesize: 60000000