Upgrade from 7.11.22 to 8

Is it possible to do a in-place upgrade from 7.11.22 to 8 version ?

This link says that migration is possible but need to be careful about the customisations

While this link says that migration / upgrade from 7 to 8 is not yet possible.

Please share upgrade / migration steps.

Why hello @ankitmodi89 ! Welcome to the Community :wave:

There is currently not an official SuiteCRM 7.x to SuiteCRM 8.x migration wizard ( a GUI), we are reviewing the schedule in the new year/January (2022). There is an unofficial tutorial to migrate if you are interested, but we would recommend that you had the confidence and some development knowledge to be able to troubleshoot (and provide us feedback on your migration) if it was required. I will also point out that you currently need to upgrade to 7.12.x before you migrate to SuiteCRM 8. 7.12.x contain scripts and updates specifically to handle upgrades to 8.

If it isn’t business critical to you I would suggest upgrading to 7.12.x for the time being and wait for the official wizard migration path to be released.

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@samus-aran Could you kindly share the unofficial tutorial?

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I would also appreciate a link to the unofficial tutorial .
I usually upgrade each release, but feeling left behind with 8.1 being released.

However, i see the official upgrade feature is scheduled for June 2022 with 8.2 :grinning:

Hello @samus-aran

More than a year have past since this question was posted. Has there been any progress with this and is there a migration guide/tool available now to upgrade from 7.12.x to version 8?

Thanks in advance. :+1:

The official migration guide is here: SuiteCRM 7.12.x+ migration to SuiteCRM 8.x :: SuiteCRM Documentation

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Thank you very much @simonr44! :facepunch: