Upgrade from 7.1.1. to 7.1.2

I have installed this upgrade using the Upgrade Wizard. At first it complained that four files had too tight a set of permissions. I opened then out and let it recheck. It said it was happy but when it did the last step of the install the screen just went blank. I left it for 5-10 minutes but it never came back. Now if I open the web address in Chrome, I get the login box but after that it is simply blank.

But if I open the system up with the QuickCRM client it seems to work fine.

I am trying to go back to a backup I took just before the upgrade but I am struggling with this restore due to some problem with service accounts and permissions.

Any other ideas to get this system working again?

Hi Rowland,

Have you tried clearing your browser cache? What is your system setup so I can recommend some guide line permissions which may get you up and running again.



My setup is two servers, both latest Debian linux. One webserver running apache and one DBMS server running latest MySQL. The webserver is in the DMZ of my firewall so communication between the webserver and the database server is limited to port 3386, the MySQL port

I have looked at my database and it looks like the database has been corrupted when the update took place as I cannot find any line items for Quotes only for Invoices.

I should have taken a VM-ware snapshot before doing the update to 7.1.2, but I didn’t. Now I am at a loss how to recover the Quote Line items


I have fixed my problem with the Quote Line Items but it has left me with a question. I ran a complete import of every Quote ever. It took quite a few minutes but it fixed the problem.

The Question I am left with is where in the database does SuiteCRM store these line items cause it isn’t in the aos_quotes table and it isn’t in the aos_line_items_group table because that seems to only have the Invoice line items. This is what fooled me and made me think some awful corruption had occurred on my database, cause I cannot see where the quote line items are stored.